If you feel God might be calling you to a year or two of Community life at Lee Abbey, no doubt you have questions! Here are a few answers.

Is Lee Abbey a monastery or place of seclusion?

Not at all. You’ll find a lively and modern community of all kinds of Christians from the UK and all over the world.

How old (or young) do I have to be?

You have to be at least 18. People join the Community from school or university, from a job they have been doing for ten years, or from any other situation. There really are people of all ages at Lee Abbey.

Will I get my own room?

It is highly likely that you will have your own room, however you may be asked to share a room in a Community section of the House or elsewhere at first if we don’t have any single rooms available. But if you’re here for long enough, it won’t be long before you get your own room with nearby shared facilities. There is a mix of accommodation, allocated according to need, including houses for families. Those not in family houses share the Community kitchen, lounge and TV room, which are great places to talk and relax together, and a focal point of Community life. You also have a 280-acre estate to use in your leisure time!

Do I have to (or can I…) cook for myself?

All your food is provided. Community members sit with guests when eating in the dining room. When you are not eating with the guests, you are welcome to take leftover food from the fridge or cook something for yourself in the Community Kitchen.

How long should I come for?

The most common period is one year, though many people come for just a few months or over the summer. Some stay longer than a year. However long your initial contract is, you will normally have the chance to apply for an extension when it is due to expire.

What sort of person is a Community member?

We’re looking for people with a personal faith in Christ and a desire to deepen that faith by surrendering more of their lives to Him. Being at Lee Abbey is a lot about giving of yourself, so you need to be prepared to do just that … both through serving our guests and in relating to others on the community. Fitness, health and energy are pretty essential too!

More questions?

Send us a message or phone Personnel on 01598 754250.


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