Here’s how God is at work in two people’s lives through Lee Abbey’s ministry.

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New start at Lee Abbey Devon

When I first joined Lee Abbey Devon, I was a drug addict and I knew I had to get clean. I had seen how Lee Abbey transformed my brother and I wanted that healing to begin in me too. In time, with a lot of love and support, becoming clean is the easiest thing I have done.

Since taking up the role of Catering Manager and Kitchen Team Leader, my biggest challenge has been learning how to lead the team. I am filled with joy and relief to learn that what other people have seen in me is true; that I can do this, I can mentor my team and see them grow in confidence, skills and freedom. Lee Abbey is now supporting me through a professional cookery skills qualification. My trust in God grows as I recognise time after time that it is His presence in me that has kept me strong and calm when things go wrong.

I continue to thank God for giving me such a life-changing opportunity.

Hope Thomas, Catering Manager

Life-changing holiday for Southampton group

I had a vision from God to bring people from the local estate to Lee Abbey. When they arrived, the children said: ‘We don’t like it, there’s no TV and our phones don’t work.’ I said: ‘Just wait and see what you think; give it a try.’

Plenty of prayer was needed for these children; some had never seen real cows or sheep, some hadn’t slept in their own bed.

When it was time to leave on Sunday, a lot of the children and young teenagers said they didn’t want to go home and I don’t think their mums could believe the change.

Once, I was at the beach and a man from the group walked up, carrying a sleeping baby. I asked him what his thoughts were right then, and he turned to the sea and said, with a tear in his eye: ‘I couldn’t have put a price on this weekend.’ That evening, he put his hand up and said:

I don’t go to church, and I don’t know your God, but I believe I’ve seen an incy-wincy bit of heaven here.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The following weekend, back at home, he walked into church and gave his life to Jesus.

There is a powerful story about baptising in the sea one weekend. They were getting ready for the baptisms and the water wasn’t deep enough. We all lined up along the beach and lifted our hands in the air, praying for God to bring the water in, in time for the baptisms. Suddenly there was a mist over the sea and the water flowed in – it was a powerful sight. We all cried out, thanking God. It was amazing.

Thelma Lodge

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