Lee Abbey was first made possible by a legacy, and legacies still play a key part in sustaining our daily ministry.

Founder Roger de Pemberton was able to finance the launch of Lee Abbey in 1946 largely due to a legacy left to him that year. God was indeed at work.

Legacies played a crucial role in funding the recent refurbishment of the whole House as two came in just as we were assessing contractor bids. As a result, countless guests feel more welcomed and more at home.

Gifts that we receive also sustain all Lee Abbey’s ministries:

  • The Community: volunteers of all ages and cultures, being encouraged and equipped to be lifelong disciples
  • The House: gospel hospitality, teaching and worship to enable guests to be transformed and renewed by God every day
  • The Beacon: our exciting outdoor activity centre stimulates, educates and encourages young people and school children
  • Summer camps: where teens and young adults discover, renew or deepen their faith
  • The estate: sensitively stewarding our beautiful but fragile 280-acre estate in Exmoor National Park, as an official Park Partner.

How easy is it to leave a legacy?

Very easy – and a sensible step to take whether or not you choose to include Lee Abbey, because if you die without a will, the law will allocate your estate according to a standard formula over which you have no control. A solicitor will be able to advise you fully.

Here is some suitable wording you can use …

Can I add Lee Abbey to an existing will?

Yes. Just ask your solicitor to insert an additional provision – called a codicil – that can benefit Lee Abbey, and any other cause you choose.

Charity gifts are free of inheritance tax!

Legacy gifts to UK registered charities are free of inheritance tax, and in fact, if you leave over 10% of your total inheritance to charity, the overall inheritance tax rate is lowered.

What next?

Thank you.


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