We are called by God to seek Him each day, joining with present and past community members, and our Lee Abbey Friends. As a praying Community, we meet daily at 8am and 2pm in the Chapel to pray together. In the mornings we focus on our daily Bible reading and offer a reflection, and afterwards we pray together for the Lee Abbey Movement, including Lee Abbey London and our small missional communities in different parts of the country. We also offer prayer for those who live, work and minister in the area, as well as current world issues. Our corporate prayer is a sign of our prayer commitment to God, and to one another as the Body of Christ, and provides a meaningful beginning to the day. On Mondays and Fridays we use a specially written liturgy which encourages us, however we feel, to keep going on in His loving service.
O God, you welcome each person in this place. We pray that, whether we feel tired and confused, windswept and wave battered, or tranquil and peaceful, sun-warmed and home comforted, we will this day, with a new spirit live out our discipleship through serving, for this is the work of God. Amen. At 2pm we use our ‘Called by God’ booklets for reflection. Day 16 reminds us that: ‘We are called by God to seek him through personal prayer. Jesus shows us by example the need to come away from our busy lives and seek God. Private prayer lies at the heart of our personal walk with God and the heart of Community life.’
This call ties in with our Community promise which we make when we join the Community: ‘Do you affirm before the Community your personal faith in Christ and your desire through prayer, study and service to seek a mature faith?’
In the busyness of our daily work this is challenging, but we each learn how we most naturally spend time with the Lord. For some it is in the quietness of the Chapel or in our room, for others it is about finding a quiet space on the Estate or walking in the beauty of the surroundings. Many learn to pray as they work.
When I pray, I go to a quiet room and look towards the hills, often recalling the words of Psalm 25:1
I lift up my eyes to the mountains-
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord.
The maker of heaven and earth. Lee Abbey is a place of prayer for our community and our guests. And we know that as surely as the tide ebbs and flows, prayer happens. It is spoken, sung, offered in silence at the Crosses, shared together, and even wept over together. Here at Lee Abbey, the presence of God is experienced as we reach out to him and we can testify that He delights to meet with us in this thin and beautiful place.
Anne Holland, April 2019


This was posted on 29 April 2019.

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