Over the last sixty years, we’ve learnt a lot about how a parent or carer feels about sending their child on a summer camp. It’s an important decision and we take the trust that you put in us very seriously (not least, because many of us are parents ourselves).

Lots of our campers also come due to the support of their grandparents. Do you have a grandchild, a Godson or daughter or just a friend’s child who could benefit from camp? We’d love to welcome them!

Here are some frequently asked questions …

How does my child get to LAYC?

LAYC is in the South-West of England, near Lynton on the North Devon coast, as shown on the below map. There are two main ways to get to Camp. You can drive to Camp (directions on the link above), or, if you let us know on the booking form, we can pick up your child from Taunton train station on the day that Camp starts. You will need to get them to the station, we can do the rest. The same applies to their leaving days too.

What impact does LAYC have on their lives?

We believe LAYC changes lives. Over the last sixty years, we have seen so many young people – across all ages (12-17), both genders, all backgrounds and a variety of attitudes towards faith – come to Camp and be transformed. It is significant that almost all of the team who help to run Camp were once campers who feel that it made such a difference to their lives that they want to give something back.

At the end of LAYC, we ask campers what difference it has made to them. Here are some of their answers:
– ‘It’s had a massive impact – it’s changed my life.’ [Boy, 16 years old]
– ‘I feel closer to God.’ [Girl, 14 years old]
– ‘It’s amazing. You can make so many friends.’ [Girl, 13 years old]
– ‘I have a better view of Christianity. I am a stronger person.’ [Girl, 16 years old]
– ‘It strengthened my faith.’ [Boy, 15 years old]

Will my child like camping?

As our leaders will tell you, there is a difference between camping and Lee Abbey camping! At Lee Abbey, our tents are large and spacious – there is plenty of space to stand up. Many campers (and most of our leaders!) bring air-beds, duvets, pillows and even blankets. We sleep in luxury! We have very clean, fixed toilet and shower facilities. We have large marquees which provide an indoor kitchen, dining hall, games room, lounge (with sofas and live music), a small library, a small theatre, a chapel and an arts and crafts space. We believe we have the best of both worlds. The simplicity of camping – which enables young people to experience the natural world, making their other problems feel miles away – and some of the comforts of home.

Who leads LAYC?

LAYC is run by a team of sixty volunteers, headed up by the core leaders.

Will they have fun?

Thinking about staying away from home can concern some children (and some adults). Camp leaders are experienced in making sure that our young campers have a great time. Here are three things we do to make this happen:

  1. We allocate tents carefully. We take care to ensure that young people are in tents with other young people we think they will get on with. If they are coming with a friend, you can indicate on the booking form if they would like to share a tent.
  2. We have great tent leaders. Each tent has two tent leaders, whose main job it is to look after the young people in that tent. While giving the young people freedom to be themselves, they will always be around and available if they have any problem. Most tent leaders are ex-campers themselves, so they know what it’s like.
  3. We provide lots of activities, especially on the first day. The first day and night away from home is an important time. We make sure that there are loads of activity so that young people are kept busy and make friends. Making friends is the number one thing that makes Camp fun for young people. We make sure there are lots of opportunities to do so and especially look out for any young people who are finding this at all difficult.
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