Friday 3rd July 2020 17:00

Bookings Update

Whilst we welcome the re-opening of the hospitality sector from the 4th July, we recognise that we are not a normal hospitality business, and whilst we would love to be open on the 4th July we are unable to do so as COVID regulations prevent conference centres re-opening. We are therefore unable to host our Summer Programme in the House or Beacon as we remain closed for house parties / conferences.

Our self-catering units are open including two new units exclusive to keyworkers at a low rate. For availability and bookings, click here: Self catering

The Tea Cottage is open, for information about how we are running and opening times, click here: Tea Cottage

We are committed and focussed on the vision and purpose God has given for Lee Abbey. We are passionate about facilitating God’s transforming welcome to all and are excited to re-open as soon as possible. When we have dates confirmed for re-opening, we will send out a further update including details of what we will be able to offer and how to get involved through our email newsletters. To ensure you continue to receive the latest information, sign up here:

In the light of this, please refer to the relevant section below depending on when you are due to be arriving for your visit.

I am due to arrive for my visit before 20th September 2020, what happens about my booking?

As you can appreciate the Coronavirus situation is having a significant impact on our income.
We would like you to prayerfully consider the following three options that we are offering you in relation to your booking :

1.    Transfer your booking to a future date by holding your fees on account until we have a published programme

2.    Gift to Lee Abbey Devon all or part of the fees for your booking as a way of supporting us through this difficult time

3.    Receive a full refund

Please contact the office, preferably by e-mail (, or by telephone (01598 752621), to let us know what you would like us to do about your booking.

I am due to arrive after the 21st September 2020, what happens about my booking?

At this time we ask that you bear with us as we develop plans in line with the Government advice. If you feel you need to cancel your booking at this stage anyway, then our normal cancellation terms apply. A cancellation more than 8 weeks before your arrival would forfeit your non-refundable deposit. Contact the office if you want to do this but we would encourage you to wait until nearer the time of your visit before making a decision.


If you feel in response to the situation that you would like to donate financially to support the ongoing ministry of the Lee Abbey Devon Community, you can do so from our donations page. We thank you for your support.

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