Wooden Cut Out Crosses – Jonathon Hemingray


Wooden Cross Sculptures – Hardwood, handmade, unique, and interactive.

They come in various sizes and designs, please select an image below of the one you would like.

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These handmade cut out crosses are perfect for your mantelpiece. They come in various sizes and designs. The crosses are machine cut, each piece of wood guided through the saw – hand – eye – machine, meaning each is made by hand and therefore unique.

Having always been fascinated by the incarnation ‘God made man’- experiencing Jesus in our everyday life and our understanding of the cross, Jonathon wanted to portray the cross in a way in which it wasn’t normally seen, and in which it would speak to people in a way in which the ‘standard’ cross didn’t. Jonathon first started doing these 20+ years ago, having been a woodworker all his life, but never all that interested in joinery or cabinet making, he wanted to make crosses, but didn’t want to have to tangle with joint- though necessary, he finds them tedious. After a lot of thinking and experimenting, he adapted to using his bandsaw, and with some trial and error came up with his present ‘style’. 

“As shown none of the crosses would be vertical nor would they be in line – the effect of breaking with a ‘formal’ setting is that they ‘catch’ the eye very effectively – we are used to seeing most things even in the art world as being ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ and with piece I have deliberately chosen to break the rules – the result is dramatic – as was the life of Christ, maybe something for other churches to consider.”

“Each cross I make is a part of my Prayer Journey – buy one of my pieces and make it a part of your Prayer Journey.” – Jonathon Hemingray.

Every cross Jonathon sells helps to support 3 “COMPASSION” children.

Dimensions: Various, Approximate and for guidance only:

  • Celtic (small): 8cm diameter
  • Celtic Cross (medium): 12cm diameter
  • Yew with Bark: 12cm tall x 10.5cm wide
  • Yew with Bark and Road: 11cm tall x 10-11cm wide
  • Triangular Irregular Road to Cross: 8cm tall x 5cm wide
  • Wedge Cross (small): 7.5cm tall x 3.5cm wide
  • Banksia Ragged: 8cm diameter
  • Bark Circle Cross: 8cm tall x 10cm wide

Materials: Various types of wood, find out more on Jonathon’s website.

To find out more about Jonathon and his sculptures, visit his website at http://www.jonathonhemingray.co.uk/

Additional information

Cut Out Crosses

1.1 Celtic (small), 1.2 Celtic (medium), 2.1 Yew with bark, 2.2 Yew with Bark and Road, 4 Triangular Irregular Road to Cross, 5.1 Wedge Cross (small), 6 Banksia Ragged, 7 Bark Circle Cross

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