The Way Home, Finding where we belong- Ron Kallmier


Ten real-life stories which will inspire you to keep on looking and exploring ideas about faith, and find where you belong.

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Whatever our beliefs, most of us want to know where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and to understand the purpose of everything between. Whether we realise it or not, our perception of ‘God’ shapes who we are.

But where do our ideas about the meaning of life come from? Does God even exist and if He does, what is He like? And if He doesn’t, why do we wrestle with the idea that there must be more to life than this?

If you’re exploring ideas about faith but feel that there are things holding you back scepticism, past hurts, disappointment or confused spirituality – these ten real-life stories will hopefully inspire you to keep on looking, and find where you belong.

About – Ron Kallmier

Ron Kallmier has been a part of CWR since 1998, when he moved from Australia to become a senior tutor, and later the Director of Training. Since 2007, he has been running the Introduction to Christian Counselling course in Singapore, and then in Cambodia from 2016. Ron is an engaging communicator whose warmth and concern for people’s learning is at the heart of his training and writing. He is also the author of Caring and Counselling and the Small Group Toolbox series.


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