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This beautifully-illustrated book by Nick Pannell, a member of Palace Avenue Methodist Church, was published in October. Nick travels to 18 inspirational sites across Devon, from tiny chapels to towering Cathedrals and Abbeys.

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The book explains his search for God in an ancient landscape, and took six years to research and write. The result describes his emotive journey through the wild and beautiful places in our county.

“We all have our special places where God feels close. In the book I have shared 18 of my inspirational sites where through a knowledge of its history, its location or the company of others I have felt closer to the divine. Where are yours? Where do you feel connected to God and why? In the book I have celebrated the wild beauty of Devon where you can get away from the hurly-burly of modern life with all its distraction and material pressures. They provide metaphor and context for the human condition. As the Christian mystic Simone Weil said, our love of natural beauty is also the way that God opens our souls to the ‘breath from on high’.” – Nick Pannell

In this 84-page fully-illustrated book, Devon journalist Nick Pannell takes readers on a journey of discovery with visits to 18 inspirational sites where people have found a spiritual connection. In powerful, moving accounts Nick describes what these places mean to him. He travels from the wave-lashed shores of North Devon to the quiet creeks of the south, from tiny chapels to towering cathedrals and abbeys. He visits pre-historic sites where man first began to reach out to his creator. It is also a celebration of Devon’s wild places – the moors, valleys and rivers where the bustle and distraction of modern life is left behind and God feels close.

ABOUT – Nick writes: “I was born and brought up in Plymouth and my interests and passions were shaped by the sea and countryside on my doorstep
“I also went to Sunday School and discovered my Christian faith at an early age and although I still attend church regularly, I can feel as close to God in wild, beautiful places as I can during organised worship.
“I have been writing for local newspapers for many years and felt it was about time I shared more of my spiritual “adventures” with others in the hope they might discover something of the wonderful communion we can all find with God if we open our hearts and minds if we really, really want to meet with Him.”

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