Aluminium Water Bottles


Eco friendly, reusable Lee Abbey Aluminium Water Bottle.

They come in two different sizes, please select the one you would like below.


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Eco friendly, reusable Lee Abbey Aluminium Water Bottle

One of Lee Abbey’s Community Red Badge promises is “Are you willing to work to cherish and protect God’s creation which God the Father loves and entrust to our care?”

We try our best to look after the environment as a community at Lee Abbey in as many ways as possible including promoting using reusable water bottles. This Lee Abbey branded Aluminium Water Bottle, that comes in two different sizes, is perfect for holding water when going on a walk and keeps your water cool.

The Lee Abbey logo encapsulates in visual form what have come to be seen over the years as the key elements of the Devon vision: to renew and serve the church; be God’s welcome; build community, all in the context of communicating Christ through relationships, with the cross at the centre of everything. The smaller arrows pointing inwards, represent people coming to Devon, in different ways seeking God, for renewal, refreshment, empowering, healing… whether that’s as the resident community, families, individuals or church/other groups/children and young peoples the house or Beacon/camp field. The larger arrows pointing outwards represent leaving/returning home freshly equipped with confidence, ‘sent out in the power of the Spirit to live and work for God’s glory’. It’s the cross from which those new beginnings can flow.

Capacity: Approximate and for guidance only     – Small: 450ml      – Large: 500ml

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