Pioneers of Vibrant Hope

10–14 May 2021 (Mon–Fri)

This is an online-only event.

Many ancient pioneers of faith lived in the lands we now call Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England and they witnessed to Christ in troubled times of hardships, famine and disease. During the week, Michael will lead five biblical reflections focussing on Christian pioneers from Celtic times, and how they can provide inspiration for our lives today as we emerge from the long months of this pandemic. Though they lived many centuries before us, their testimony can be a resource of hope and joy for us today. Prayers and reflective questions for use during each day of the retreat will be provided.

This retreat will go live on the 9th of May on the Lee Abbey YouTube channel and the Lee Abbey website.  Please sign up to get an email with specific details sent a few days before.


There will also be a live conversation (bookeable as a seperate event) with Michael on Sunday the 16th of May (18:30 – 19:30) where participants can ask questions, share experience from the week and close with Compline. This will be hosted on Zoom so numbers will be limited.

My stay at Lee Abbey was a major milestone in my life.

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Who's speaking?

Michael Mitton

Michael is an Anglican minister who is a writer, speaker and spiritual director. His previous work has included training in listening, leadership, spiritual direction and pioneer ministry. He is the author of a number of books including Seasoned by Seasons and the recently republished Restoring the Woven Cord.  He is a regular contributor to The Bible Reading Fellowship's New Daylight bible notes.

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