Mid Faith Crisis

25–29 June 2018 (Mon–Fri)

Are you going through a mid-faith crisis? Do you stand in church saying, ‘Is this it?’. Have new questions taken the place of old answers? Do you sense that there might be a bigger, more exciting faith out there? This is a week for you! Together, we’ll investigate the different stages of faith, reflect on our changing, expanding images of God and explore the spiritual practices we need to help us enter a brand new stage of discipleship.

“My stay at Lee Abbey was a major milestone in "Jesus making sense of my history" and helping me understand how following God means acknowledging that He is leading!” — A recent guest
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Who's speaking?

Joe Davis & Nick Page

Nick Page and Joe Davis are the hosts of the popular Mid-faith Crisis Podcast. Nick is the author of many books including A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity and The Dark Night of the Shed. Joe is an independent celebrant, Baptist minister and leader of a Thursday night ‘table fellowship’ called Soul Place.

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Also running on the same week

Making Jesus Known

25–29 June 2018 (Mon–Fri)

James Lawrence

Though many churches officially give approval of the ministry of evangelism, most struggle with making it a reality at the heart of the church, practising it as an add on activity. More and more people are not just de-churched but...

£260 to £320 per person
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Renew, Refresh, Resource

23–25 February 2018 (Fri–Sun)

Lee Abbey Team

These Renew, Refresh, Resource weekends are designed for individual Christians, small groups and churches to strengthen their relationship with each other, to deepen their relationship with God and to learn how to be salt and light more effectively in their...

All places taken on this conference

Will the Real Jesus please stand up

26 Feb–2 Mar 2018 (Mon–Fri)

John Pritchard

We have so many different ideas about Jesus, who he really was and is today. This conference will explore the reality of Jesus then and now, and  face real questions about this compelling, fascinating figure. We’ll try to remove the...

£260 to £320 per person
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Living in the Psalms

26 Feb–2 Mar 2018 (Mon–Fri)

Steven & Penny Faux

This teaching will take us through the vivid landscape of the psalms; to draw us into a world of joy and praise, danger and abandonment and, finally, restoration and affirmation. These timeless songs are honest, and unflinchingly hold up a...

£260 to £320 per person
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Friends Week

5–9 March 2018 (Mon–Fri)

Trevor Hubble

Within every Christian there is a burning desire for a fulfilling relationship with Jesus; through stumbling blocks and loss of direction, by the grace of God, the desire remains. We will reflect on how some individuals down the ages have...

£260 to £320 per person
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Friends Weekend

9–11 March 2018 (Fri–Sun)

£136 to £166 per person
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What to expect

Wondering what it will be like to stay at Lee Abbey for a retreat or holiday?

You’ll get a warm welcome from the Community, a pleasant place to sleep, tasty meals, space inside and out to relax, teaching, worship and entertainment. For more about Lee Abbey’s ministry in general or to support us, see “About Lee Abbey”. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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Rooms to meet and relax

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Meals and special diets

Three meals a day, tea, coffee and cake are included for all guests.

Teaching and worship

There'll be sung worship and talks you can join each morning if you like

Workshops and activities

The Community will offer prayers, walks and entertainment for you

Families and children

On family holiday weeks, they'll have a whale of a time too!

Pastoral support

We would love to listen to and pray with you during your stay

Prices and practicalities

The nitty-gritty - prices, discounts, directions, disablity access and more

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