Living With Loss Following Bereavement   At the Beacon

8–12 November 2021 (Mon–Fri)

This conference is held at The Beacon. Please contact us for details and to book.

Grief following bereavement can feel overwhelming, particularly if your loved one’s passing was sudden, traumatic, or following a difficult illness such as Covid-19. The aim of this supported retreat is to better equip you to cope with your life-changing loss. Through a creative variety of activities, including led sessions, discussions and quiet reflection, we explore the journey of grief, with a focus on finding a way forward. It includes a special time of candle-lighting remembrance. This is a gentle retreat with a Christian perspective, sensitively led by Abi May and team, suitable for those who have lost a husband or wife, a child or other close family members, or who have suffered multiple losses.  £225.00 per person full board.

Who's speaking?

Abi May

Abi May is an experienced retreat leader, author and educator, as well as a bereaved mother, who runs supportive events around the UK. Her ‘Living with Loss’ project is a member of the National Bereavement Alliance. Her husband John has been active in Christian service for four decades. You can read her blog 'A Valley Journal' here. 

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