These are the values that Lee Abbey Community members uphold as they aim to fulfil Lee Abbey’s vision and mission.

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Through our shared life together as an intentional, international Christian community, we seek to glorify God in our love for Christ, one another and the guests we welcome.  Flourishing in the acceptance, forgiveness and approval of a loving Father, we embrace the diversity of God’s people and seek to grow in Christlikeness through prayer, study and service. As a Community, we are outward-looking.  We try to be relaxed, hospitable and open, as we invite people to explore with us the truths by which our life is shaped. Because we journey together, we are building a community that is relational rather than institutional. We are friends on a serious pilgrimage, but never taking ourselves too seriously.


We relate to God in prayer. Prayer is central to us and affects every part of our life. People come aside simply to spend time in quiet reflection and prayer.

One of our Community promises is: Have you accepted the discipline of regular private reflection through Bible reading and daily prayer?


We open the Bible and through the teaching we receive, we are transformed in the power of the Holy Spirit. As we read God’s word, pray and reflect on living in community, we seek to grow to be more like Christ. We offer ourselves as ‘living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Him’.

One of our Community promises is: Do you affirm before the Community your personal faith in Christ and your desire through prayer, study and service to seek a deep and mature faith?


We build our way of life around worship and prayer, because it gives us confidence in the love of Christ. There is always an invitation to meet God, through one another and through the Spirit, in worship, word, sacrament and prayer.

One of our Community promises is: Do you intend to make the weekly Corporate Communion the central act of your work and worship?


‘Those whom God loves he disciplines’, says Hebrews 12. Community members each commit to live by the Lee Abbey Rule of Life, which encourages us to follow God’s pattern in our attitudes, our speech and behaviour to others. It creates a freedom that enables true care of each other and fullness of life; and it shows God’s Spirit is at work in us.

One of our Community promises is: Do you promise to be loyal to the Community in its aims, its work, its standards of behaviour, and its disciplines?


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:35  Our community life models to our guests and others a way of having relationships that are rooted in the love of Christ. We are forgiven and accepted by Christ; this changes how we see and communicate to each other. We try to be open with one another, resolving conflicts and differences by going to the person. We often find the person whom we find most difficult is the one we most learn the truth about ourselves from.

One of our Community promises is: Are you prepared to learn to live in fellowship, being open to be known for who you are, accepting one another in love, and saying of others nothing that could not be said to them personally if love and wisdom required it?


We follow Christ, the one who came to serve. Jesus made a journey of surrender, and revealed to us the humbling way of love (Philippians 2:5-11). Our words and actions are a response to God’s love, revealed in Christ. As we serve, putting the needs of our guests and others before our own, we make real the presence of Christ.

One of our Community promises is: Do you understand by this that your mind, your time, your talents and possessions and all your relationships are to be increasingly surrendered to Christ as Lord?


We give because of what God has given to us. God has poured His grace into our lives, and we respond with generous love to others. We make plenty of space for the other and the self is diminished. Community have the chance through their allowance to give to God’s work outside of Lee Abbey, to bless those beyond our walls.

One of our Community promises is: Do you understand by this that your mind, your time, your talents and possessions and all your relationships are to be increasingly surrendered to Christ as Lord?


We respond to the call to be God’s welcome by offering a home, providing a warm and generous welcome, and accepting all who come through our door, whether they have come from near or far, and whatever baggage they bring. Many people find shelter from the storms of life in our home of grace. Home is a refreshing and life-giving place, where there is honesty, encouragement and challenge among true friends. It’s a safe place to take risks and to dare to respond to God’s call to the next stage in our lifelong adventure of faith.

One of our Community promises is: Are you ready to serve, in every way, those who come to us, seeking to help one another to a clearer and deeper knowledge of Christ, through your work and by your words?


We value young people and children, passionately wanting to communicate the life of Christ to all who come to the Beacon, Camp or Main House and those children and young people who are part of the Community. We seek to encourage all who come to live a ‘life of discovery’: discovering more about ourselves, each other and God.


We are a missional community; we want to draw others to Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. When guests and Community leave us, we send them into the world, renewed and refreshed by Jesus Christ, in the power of the Spirit, equipped to make Him known.


We seek to share our life together as a blessing; blessing those who journey with us. Acceptance is at the heart of all that we seek to be and do. We share the range of people, gifts and resources God has given us with our community, associate community, Lee Abbey Friends, local Workers, volunteers, and wider community, even to the ends of the earth.

One of our Community promises is: Are you willing to welcome the stranger, be a voice for the voiceless and work to alleviate poverty and injustice?


The beautiful countryside we live in reminds us that we are part of the wider community of God’s creation. We seek a way of living and working that minimises harmful impact to the Earth and all its inhabitants. As an international community we know that our lifestyle affects others around the world. We want to be a positive witness through an ethical and compassionate lifestyle.

One of our Community promises is: Are you willing to work to cherish and protect God’s creation which God the Father loves and entrust to our care?


We seek to look after the resources of the estate, buildings and finances well. They are for the service of Christ and ministry of the Kingdom of God. We commit to making sure that Lee Abbey Devon is financially and environmentally sustainable, also being innovative and following God’s lead when He invites us to take risks. We trust in His faithfulness.

One of our Community promises is: Are you willing to work to cherish and protect God’s creation which God the Father loves and entrust to our care?

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