The Lee Abbey Community is a call to a way of life that’s built on a foundation of values and promises. They enrich our life together in Christ, help us carry out Lee Abbey Devon’s mission, and keep us accountable to each other.

Initial membership (Green badge)

At one of your first Community communion services (“Corpus”), you will be asked to make the following promises:

  • Do you affirm before the Community your personal faith in Christ and your desire through prayer, study and service to seek a deep and mature faith? I do.
  • Do you understand by this that your mind, your time, your talents, your possessions and all your relationships are to be increasingly surrendered to Christ as Lord? I do.
  • Do you promise to be loyal to the Community in its aims, its work, its standards of behaviour, and its disciplines? I do.

Full Membership (Red badge)

After at least three months on Community, you can discuss with the Warden becoming a full member. You’ll then re-take the first three promises and add the following six extra promises which entitle you to wear a red badge.

  • Are you prepared to learn to live in fellowship, being open to be known for who you are, accepting one another in love, and saying of others nothing that could not be said to them personally if love and wisdom required it? I am.
  • Have you accepted the discipline of regular private reflection through Bible reading and daily prayer? I have.
  • Do you intend to make the weekly Corporate Communion the central act of your work and worship? I do.
  • Are you ready to serve, in every way, those who come to us, seeking to help one another to a clearer and deeper knowledge of Christ, through your work and by your words? I am.
  • Are you willing to welcome the stranger, be a voice for the voiceless and work to alleviate poverty and injustice? I am
  • Are you willing to work to cherish and protect God’s creation which God the Father loves and entrust to our care? I am

Find out how these promises help us live out our values…


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